About Us

We are a small mum and dad business who wanted to try something different by importing this amazing little cleaner. We found it while travelling Argentina where every home has one or many some are decades old. The first thing we thought was that it would be a blockbuster in our home country New Zealand.

We began to research into acquiring the brushes wholesale through Chinese plastics manufacturers whom we contacted several and purchased several prototypes some of which were poor quality and couldn’t pick up or sweep up anything. We finally found the perfect brush which performs better than any we have tested including the different ones we bought while in Argentina.

We then set about bulk ordering and importing into New Zealand and offer them here for sale.

The feedback we’ve had from people who have a QuickClean brush is exactly how we feel about it, it’s such a simple and amazing little sweeping device and it will surprise you just how much it can clean.

Thank you for visting our website and we know you will be very satisfied when you purchase one of our brushes.

Justin and Agustina the QuickClean founders.